Ordering and Payment Methods

Please choose from the available ordering options that best suits your needs:

  • Order through the World Wide Web
    Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Eurocard and Discover accepted. Instant product key delivery, safe and secure. Your credit card information is sent directly to the credit card processor in a highly secure manner. We protect you by ensuring that nobody but you and the automated credit card processor will see your credit card information. You can go directly to the order page:


    Pricing information

    Product Name Price per seat, US dollars
    HiNotes! $14.95
    HiAppKiller $24.95
    HiClock Pro personal $19.95
    HiClock Pro business $60
    HiClock Pro corporative $150
    HiDialer 2000 Standard personal $26.95
    HiDialer 2000 Standard business $99.95
    HiDialer 2000 Professional personal $34.95
    HiDialer 2000 Professional business $130.00
    HiPing 20-hosts $29.95
    HiPing 100-hosts $99.95

    Licensing Information

    Products are licensed per computer. To install the software on multiple computers, you must purchase a separate license for each computer. If you are interested in an unlimited license, please contact our sales staff: sales@kgsoft.com

  • Personal license
    The right to install and use our software product on one or more home computers. You need as many licenses as there are computers on which our software will be installed. You can use the program for non-commercial purposes in non-business, non commercial environment.
  • Business license
    The right to install and use our software product on all your company or local network computers.
  • Corporative license
    The right to install and use our software product on an unlimited number of computers in one domain (regional offices, etc.).

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