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HiPing is useful in testing, debugging, and monitoring TCP/IP troubles. It transmits an ICMP(*) echo datagram to a remote system. If the remote returns the message, the connection is considered valid. If the remote system does not echo the message, it only means that the remote system did not respond. That is, a lack of a response can be caused by a number of different reasons (you are not connected to the network, the remote may not be connected, the remote may not support echo requests, or it may just be too busy to reply). HiPing supports command line parameters and HTML file format reports.

This is try before buy software. The trial version is fully functional, but will only operate for 30-days after you first run the program. To continue using HiPing after the trial period has ended, the software must be purchased.

* The Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) is a maintenance protocol in the TCP/IP network protocol, which allows two nodes on an IP network to share IP status and error information. ICMP uses Internet Protocol (IP) datagrams, but the messages are usually transparent outside the IP network protocol.

Product Info

Version: 1.65
Release: 04/19/2006
Trial: 30 days
Price: $29.95

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